The website is live (and it's not what I expected it to be)

I’ve been working on this website for a long time now. When I first wanted to publish it, it was more of a blog and I had uploaded a few articles / posts, created an “about” page that focused on my goals of selling vegetables.

So much has changed since then and a few opportunities have led to me deciding to change the direction all together. I was holding myself back from actually selling vegetables and I created a long list of why I couldn’t start:

  • I don’t have a farm or land and I don’t have the right farming tools a farmer should have

  • How will I produce a meaningful amount of vegetables to sell?

  • I don’t have enough money or time

  • No one will take me seriously

  • I don’'t have experience

  • I’m afraid of failing

The problem with making excuses is that they hold you back. We all do it and I believe that the root (excuse the pun) of a lot of excuses are ultimately down to fear of failure. I can’t remember the exact thought that went through my head that spurred me to just get stuck in but I can now counter every single one of my excuses.

The most important thing in farming is obviously having the space to do so. Why this doesn’t really matter and why it won’t hold me back is that I can still grow vegetables in my garden, in pots, troughs and trays. I might not be able to supply a lot of people, but does that really matter? If I can grow enough produce to supply one restaurant, and a few friends and family members, I have still achieved something….just on a micro scale. It’s a very small step in the right direction.

Not having land isn’t a problem - it’s a challenge. Over coming the challenge hinges on one idea. Grow with in your context. I won’t be growing pumpkins or potatoes…that would be silly. But I can grow crops that are quick growing, less labour intensive, unique and interesting and space efficient.

What about money or time? I may not have much money or time to invest, but on such a small scale, everything decreases, including how much money you need and how much time I will need to spend “farming”. Small space = less vegetables to grow = less compost / fertiliser. Less vegetables = less complexity.

Probably the biggest hurdle to overcome is the fear of failure, people not taking me seriously and not having experience. I follow a man called Gary Vaynerchuk and something he shared on social media some time ago, popped up on my news feed:



So what if no one takes me seriously. The fact is, we will go through our entire life with many people not taking us seriously. And if we have idea’s and express and share those idea’s with our friends and family, how can you expect them to take you seriously if you don’t act on what you say.

If I don’t act on what I say, I’ll never achieve anything. And by taking actions, I’ll gain experience. With experience comes confidence. Hopefully, with a bit of luck, hard work and dedication and increased confidence, I will have success. And if it don’t, I would have learnt a lot of ways NOT to grow and sell vegetables.

The path to success will always be paved with failure and I can’t let the fear of failing hold me back. If anything worth achieving in life was easy, it would not have meaning.

I hope this new venture proves successful, and if it doesn’t, I still have 14 idea’s to try .