Q1. What's the difference between Rough Around The Hedges and Urban Acres?

Rough Around The Hedges is the name of my YouTube Channel and Urban Acres is the the growing operation that is my “micro farm” now, and what my actual farm will be called one day.  This might all change and become one, but I want to differentiate between the two until the whole idea is more concrete.

 Q2. Where can i get your vegetables

The best thing to do is sign up to our mailing list. At the moment I am growing a very small selection of vegetables in very limited quantities. Every week during the growing season, I will be sending “fresh sheets” out on emails with what will be available and in what quantities. This will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Q4. what sort of VEGETABLES are you selling?

At the moment, our selection is very limited to pea and sunflower shoots, radish, herbs, tomatoes, beans and summer squash. Apart from the shoots which have a long growing season, everything else will be available as they come in to season. Occasionally, we’ll have a few different crops based on trials we’ll be running as the season progresses.

 Q5. do you delivery?

Delivery will be limited to central Cheltenham only, but if you are nearby, we are more than happy to arrange a convenient location for you to collect.

 Q6. How fresh is your produce?

The produce is harvested the day before, or on the day, you receive it. All produce will be stored according to food hygiene standards. We don’t use any pesticides, herbicides or harmful chemicals during any of the planting, growing or harvesting process.