Rough Around The Hedges

documenting a journey of becoming a market gardner

In 2015 I fell in love with growing vegetables.  At the time, my wife and I lived in a house with a paved garden so everything I grew was in pots and containers.  It was not until 2016 when we moved to a bigger garden with borders that I could really develop my interest.   I discovered a farmer called Curtis Stone, in Canada, who grew vegetables in other peoples' gardens.  Seeing what could be achieved on such a small scale changed my whole perception of farming.

In the new garden we built a poly tunnel and started planting a much bigger variety of vegetables over a longer growing season.  By this time, I knew that growing vegetables was something I wanted to do for a living.  It was going to be a learning process because I knew nothing about farming and I didn't even own a piece of land.  This did not hold me back and I thought that it would be an interesting idea to document my journey from growing vegetables at home to growing vegetables on a larger scale.  "Rough Around The Hedges", a YouTube Channel documenting my progress, was therefore born.