What is Urban Acres

At the moment, Urban Acres is a micro farm that produces a small amount of selected crops. My goal is to own a small farm in an urban / peri-urban setting, close to where I live in Cheltenham. 


First and foremost, Urban Acres is about growing vegetables.  The emphasis is on producing high quality, fresh and sustainable vegetables to sell in the local community.  Although production will initially be very limited, eventually, I aim to sell through a Community Supported Agriculture Scheme (CSA Scheme), local farmers markets, cafes and restaurants.  Ideally, it would be a mixture of all of these in one form or another.  More importantly, the farm will be modest and accessible to the local town. 


Today, more than ever, there is a great need to teach people about food and where it comes from.  The ability to make informed decisions about the food we eat would be so much easier if we knew how it was grown and where it came from.  What better way to do that, than to be in an urban environment where the public could easily visit the farm?  Regular open days and farm tours will be an important part of Urban Acres.  I want people, the customer, to be able to see exactly where their food has come from and how it has been grown, harvested and prepared before it arrives on their plate.


I still have a lot to learn and I do not have a farm yet.  Nevertheless, when the farm is up and running and has had a few years' of consistent production, my goal is to teach other aspiring farmers how farming on a small scale can be profitable, sustainable and enjoyable.  The aim is to mentor young people and to teach them the concepts and skills required to start farming in just the way I did.